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Birthdate:Sep 16
Historian, geek, gym addict, music buff, film fan, bibliophile.

You're welcome to add me as everything is Flocked. I may not add you back, more's the pity.

I'm not bothered by different opinions - what bothers me is if you cannot bear to listen to an opposing view.

Small disclaimer, due to hideous people I encountered on LJ: If you are a precious snowflake who cannot bear the thought that I might have the same opinions, tastes, or interests as you and therefore write about them, please go and fuck yourself gently with a chainsaw. Because I haven't the time for that kind of patheticness. You are not special, neither am I. Get over yourself. Get a life. Or go and cry on Facebook. Bye!

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4ad, 80s darkwave, 80s synthpop, absinthe, alaska, alexander mcqueen, alt rock, alternative culture, ancient buildings, anthony trollope, antiques, arguing, arthouse cinemas, asian food, balzac, baroque, being un-pc, berlin, bill hicks, bisexuality, bjork, black eyeliner, black leather, blackadder, books, boots, brunettes, byron, caffeine, cathedrals, caustic wit, chocolate, christopher nolan, cinnamon, cities, coastlines, cockatiels, cocktails, collide, computers, conversation, corsets, cubism, cult tv, cyberpunk, dark knight trilogy, darkwave, david bowie, david lynch, debates, donna tartt, ebm, edinburgh, expressionism, fanfic, foreign cinema, funko pops, galleries, game of thrones, garbage, glaciers, goldfrapp, good coffee, goth, graphic novels, h.p. lovecraft, haruki murakami, hiking, historical fiction, horror, imperial russia, impressionism, independent films, industrial, intellectual conversation, japanese food and culture, jasmine, jasper fforde, languages, libraries, literature, live music, london, long baths, lush, lust, mad men, margaret atwood, marvel cinematic universe, massive attack, medieval europe, metal, ministry, modern history, mountains, mozart, museums, neil gaiman, neitzsche, neo noir, new york, nine inch nails, nordic noir, organic chocolate, peppermint, perfume, philosophy, photography, pinstripe, pj harvey, playing devils advocate, poetry, politics, pop art, pre-raphealites, quentin tarantino, questions, radio 6, reading, red wine, redheads, religous history, renaissance drama, research, retro lingerie, rockabilly, sarah waters, sarcasm, satire, sci fi, shakespeare, silver, siouxsie and the banshees, south america, star wars, suede, surrealism, synthpop, tate britain, tate modern, tattoos, teaching, the brontes, the cure, the globe, the lake district, theatre, thin men, thunderstorms, tolstoy, tom hardy, tool, tori amos, trance, travel, trent reznor, trip hop, twin peaks, v and a, vancouver, vodka, walking, weight training, weimar germany, west country, writing, wwi, wwii, x files, yeates, york, yorkshire, zola
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